Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday down; Wednesday back...

Yesterday was my usual trip down to West Newbury, MA to prepare for and conduct the rehearsal for the Merrimack Valley Concert Band. I used to live in West Newbury and taught music for several years in Salisbury, Hampton, NH and Rowley, so I know the territory. It's like I never left. The trip usually takes around 3 hours. II usually listen to audio books on the trips down and back. I've done it for 5 years now. I can't believe I've stuck with it for so long... but I really love the band and the people. I get frustrated sometimes with the players, but mostly I get frustrated with myself. Last night was one of those nights. When I look at the scores, it seems so easy in my head but it turns out to be such a challenge to do. A lot of it is a see-saw between how hard to push and how picky to be and my worry about who's feelings I may be hurting. My friend, Sue, says you honor people to ask the best from them but getting people to first listen and then to comprehend and finally to actually DO what they're asked are different things. Their abilities are all over the map and yet somehow we've got to come together and play in tune and with right notes and especially the right feeling in five more rehearsals.

And I'm not Pollyanna.
But it will be OK, I think.

                           I thought this mouse was adorable. I hope Gunnar will love him.

Friday I fly from Portland down to NYC to see Gunnar Franson, my two month old grandson for the first time. I'm so excited! but I'm also worried about all the germs and viruses I may be exposing him to.
But I want to see him so much! I'll wash my hands like crazy.
I went a really nice store in Newburyport... Lively Kids... and bought the mouse, a 100% organic cotton sleeper and a kyoot little "kid lid." I almost bought one with a monster's eyes and teeth but I wasn't sure what his mother might think, so I played it safe and went for the monkey.

You wouldn't believe how much this stuff costs!
Anyway, yesterday I got a check from the IRS! A refund for an overpayment, so I was feeling flush. Of course, today we learn that the treasurer at my husbands part-time work has embezzled from several accounts and all that's left in the kitty is $5K with debts (which they thought had been paid) for $75K.

So we're poor again.

But, what... me worry? Something will come up.

So I'm home, safe and sound. Frank is off at a meeting. The cats are all in.

Not so bad, right?

Here's a picture to end... the "boys" in their little bed. They love each other so!

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