Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Furry Fellah

November 08

I took this photo in October near where we live in Rockport, Maine… it was taken on the next mountain over from where we live, Ragged Mountain, where my husband, Frank and I were hiking in October. We promptly got lost after I took picture and ended up turning a two hour walk into a three hour one. But I really like this picture, so I thought I’d add it. Plus the extra exercise was good for us, right? But, come on. Don’t you secretly worry that you’ll get REALLY lost and no one will ever find you? I do. I was glad when we finally walked to a place I recognized and I knew I didn’t have to worry that only my whitened bones would be found.

Months after.

Where they find only my glasses and identify me from my fillings.

But back to the title… I AM usually covered or at least decorated in one way with fur… I’ve had cats and dogs all my life; I fall in love with them both equally, although, right now, we have three cats… each with a distinct personality. They are Tina, Eddie and Jack. I’ll probably talk more about them as time goes by. I‘ve also loved Jim Henson’s Muppets and have been a fan for forty years. This is the 40th anniversary of Sesame St… so there you go. I admit I haven’t watched it for the last fifteen years. Now that I have a grandson, Gunnar Franson, age 3 months, I hope to watch it with him. It was because his father, my son, Bjorn (and my daughter, Britta) watched the show and because we had a lot of cassette tapes, that I remember one of the Monsters singing, “Fur… I’m covered with fur… from my snoot to my spur… I’m a furry fellah.” It had a kind of 20’s ragtime feel, and stayed stuck in my brain all these years.

Furry Fellah.

I love animals but I’m not going to preach. It’s just to let the reader in on the fact that this is something I do… and try to have fun with. I like animals. I try to help them. My mother was always rescuing cats and dogs; my brother, too, so I come by it naturally.
I’m going to end now… I can’t find Eddie “the stripy guy” so I need to go outside and call him. There are plenty of critters outside… coyotes, foxes, raccoons… that would like to call Eddie “dinner,” so I need to call him in.
Oh… there’s Eddie. Seems he’s caught a mouse. Well, he gets to eat it out side! But, hey! Like any good hunter, he doesn’t waste his kill. I just hope he doesn’t ask me to join him!

Catch you later!

Photos...Ragged Mountain, top cat... Jack, Jack and Eddie and Tina (bottom)

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